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Afno Visa Guide makes your US visa interview process smooth and stress-free. Think of us as your Google Maps, guiding you clearly and confidently to your destination.


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Facts About Afno Visa Guide

Applicant StatusSuccess Rate
First Time Applicant92% โœ…
Applicant with Previous Refusals80% โœ…

Here's what our customers said

Thank you, I got my visa!
Your expert advice and personalized instructions really boosted my confidence. Can't recommend you enough!

Ahmad Zaman
DePaul University
Business administration and Management

I got my visa thanks to Afno Visa team! Their team was always there for me, answering every question I had. The preparation really boosted my confidence for any questions during the interview. Highly recommend!

Amit Mehta
Weber state university

Thanks to Afno Visa Guide, I was totally ready for my US visa interview.
Their feedback on my answers was super detailed and helped me see where I needed to improve. And, I got my green slip in the end!!

Asahi Lama Sherpa
Mississippi State University
Bachelor in Computer and Information Science

Afno Visa Guide's interview preparation was incredibly valuable. Their practical advice and resources saved me so much time
from having to do my own research. Thank you, Afno Visa Guide!!

Bishek Pasar
F-2 Visa

Thanks to Afno Visa, the interview process was smooth, straightforward and quick. Resources and expert tips helped me feel
prepared for any questions VO could throw at me.

Alisha Lama
F-2 Visa

I loved the personalized attention I got. The detailed review of my answers helped me understand what worked and what didnโ€™t,
which really gave me the confidence I needed..

Maryam Janjua
Pace University
Master's in Comparative Law

The mock interviews helped me get my confidence together, making me sure I was ready for any questions,
and now I have my US visa. Thank you, Afno Visa Guide!!

Joshan Lamichhane
Youngstown State University
Bachelor's in Computer Science

I was really able to pinpoint my weaknesses and work on them with their help. During the actual interview, I was asked so many questions, but the mock interviews had given me the confidence
to answer all of them perfectly.

Sushan Timalsina
B1/B2 Visa

Thank you, Afno Visa Guide!!! I got my visa! They responded to every single query I had on Instagram, gave me their full support before the interview,
and were incredibly hospitable throughout the entire process. You guys are the best!

Sumant Pandey
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Masterโ€™s in Chemistry
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of visa services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive support for F1, F2, M1, M2, J1, J2, H1B, B1, and B2 visa applications, including complete enrollment processes, personalized document reviews, and basic support through various communication channels.

2. How does your Starter Plan work?

Once you sign up for a starter or premium plan. Then, our team will contact you through email / instagram / facebook / whatsapp to schedule your session with our expert.

3. How does your Premium Plan work?

The Premium Plan includes advanced services beyond the Starter Plan, such as detailed document review, personalized interview prep, and extended multi-channel support. This plan is designed for applicants seeking more in-depth guidance and personalized attention for their visa application.

4. Do you provide legal advice?

No, we do not provide legal advice. Our services are based on personal experiences and expertise in visa applications.

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