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B1/B2 Visa: Who is your sponsor and what are their income sources?

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US Visitor Visa Interview Job Question

Embarking on the journey to acquire a US Visitor Visa (B1/B2 Visa) is a process that involves preparation and understanding of the expectations of the visa interview. One significant question that many applicants encounter is, "Who is your sponsor and what are their income sources?". In this guide, we'll simplify this question, explain its significance, and provide a blueprint on how to answer it effectively.

Understanding the Sponsor Question

Before diving into the how-to, it's vital to understand why this question is asked:

Affirmation of Financial Support: The US consulate wants assurance that you or your sponsor can bear your expenses during your stay, preventing you from becoming a financial liability.

Genuine Intent Verification: A reliable sponsor indicates your intention to return after your visit, reducing the risk of overstaying.

Connection with the US: It assesses any ties your sponsor might have with the US, further offering insights into your travel motives.

Steps to Answering "Who is Your Sponsor and What Are Their Income Sources?"

Be Clear & Direct: Clarity is crucial. If you have a sponsor, state their full name and relationship to you. If you're self-sponsored, specify that.

Offer Detailed Income Sources: Describe the primary sources of your or your sponsor's income. This could be a business, a job, investments, etc.

Documentary Proof: Always have relevant documents like bank statements, tax returns, or employment letters as they might be requested for verification.

Maintain Consistency: Ensure your response aligns with the information provided in your visa application to avoid discrepancies.

Example Answers & Contextual Insights

1. Self-Sponsorship:

Answer: "I am sponsoring my trip. I work as a Software Developer at XYZ Corporation, and my primary income source is my salary from this job. Additionally, I have some investments in mutual funds which provide returns annually."

Insight: This answer is straightforward, stating the applicant's occupation and the primary source of income. Mentioning an additional source like investments offers depth and provides a clearer picture of financial stability.

2. Relative as a Sponsor:

Answer: "My brother, John Doe, is sponsoring my trip. He is based in California and works as a Civil Engineer with ABC Constructions. His major income source is his job, but he also has rental income from properties he owns in San Francisco."

Insight: Here, the relationship with the sponsor is defined, followed by details about the sponsor's occupation and income sources. This comprehensive approach ensures transparency.

3. Business or Corporate Sponsorship:

Answer: "I'm being sponsored by my employer, Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company's primary revenue is from software services rendered to clients globally. They've taken care of all expenses related to this US trip for a tech conference."

Insight: Corporate sponsorships are common for business trips. Specifying the company's primary source of revenue and the reason for sponsorship (like attending a conference) makes the intent of the visit crystal clear.

Potential Variations of the Sponsorship Question

1. "How is your sponsor related to you?"

Approach: Answer directly, describing the relationship, whether familial or corporate.

Example: "She's my maternal aunt."

2. "How does your sponsor earn money?"

Approach: Detail the primary income sources without over-complicating.

Example: "He runs a chain of grocery stores across Texas."

3. "Can you provide proof of your sponsor's income?"

Approach: Affirm and show relevant documents, ensuring they're up-to-date.

Example: "Yes, here's the recent bank statement and income tax returns of my sponsor."


Answering the "Who is your sponsor and what are their income sources?" question during your US Tourist Visa or B1/B2 Visa interview doesn't have to be daunting. By being prepared, offering clear and direct answers, and ensuring your responses are consistent with your application details, you set yourself up for a smooth visa interview experience. Remember, the goal is to assure the US consulate of your genuine intent to visit and the financial capability (either by yourself or through a sponsor) to support your stay.

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