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Best 10 Free PTE Preparation Resources for 2024

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Test paper for PTE Test

Looking for free PTE Study Resources for 2024?

If your answer is yes then this blog is perfect for you. In this blog, we have collected the top 10 free resources including Website Links, Apps, and the YouTube video links to help you in your preparation journey.

These online free PTE Study Resources are helpful. These help to clear your doubts.

So, now let's begin to learn.

What is PTE?

PTE, or Pearson Test of English, is a computer-based English language proficiency exam designed for non-native English speakers. It assesses listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills through different tasks.

PTE is widely accepted by educational institutions and organizations globally. A high PTE score can grant you a scholarship. The PTE Academic exam consists of three main parts: Speaking and Writing (77-93 minutes), Reading (32-40 minutes), and Listening (45-57 minutes). The total test duration, including an introduction and a computer tutorial, is around 3 hours.

Why PTE Test?

  • Computer-Based Format
  • Quick Results
  • Fair Scoring
  • Global Acceptance
  • Flexible Test Dates
  • Rescheduling Options

Best Free PTE Preparation Resources For 2024

1. PTE Apps

Apps are flexible, interactive, and make learning more interesting. Below are the top PTE Apps available in both android and iphone.

  • PTE Tutorials - Exam Practice
  • PTE Academic Official Practice
  • LA PTE Exam Practice
  • PTE Success - Exam Preparation
  • PTE Exam Practice - Mock Test

Note: Below in this blog, you get the link of all of the apps and the information about their services.

2. PTEStudy.net -

PTE Study. in offers both free and premium services. If you are new to this site then first you must create an account. Then your progress is displayed in the site dashboard.

This site contains multiple sets of questions on speaking, writing, reading, and speaking. For more details, you can check out PTEStudy.net.

3. PTE Success -

PTE Success provides a free range of practice materials and resources for PTE preparation. The site offers quick Practice Tests, Mock Tests, Blogs, FAQs, and Apps.

You can check the statistics section at PTE Success site and see your regular progress in the preparation journey.

4. Alpha PTE -

Alpha PTE resources are designed to help students prepare for a wide range of questions providing real-time scenarios.

You get an email verification to access resources once you sign up. Take advantage of free resources from their site Alpha PTE.


PTEIELTS offers an exciting way of PTE preparation. You can enrol in their PTE Quizzes and check on your current learning status. The video contains an entertaining yet informative approach to learning with music background and time.

This site includes all the guideline tips and tricks to make your preparation journey faster. Such as examples of sample questions, things to consider while answering, and the master trick in PTEIELTS.

6. Gurully -

Gurully is a helpful platform that has tools to improve your vocabulary, extra practice prediction files, and various study materials for the PTE test. When you sign up, you can take a complete PTE practice test in real-time.

You will also receive an instant feedback for free. Start a free PTE preparation from Gurully.

7. ThePTE -

The PTE is one of the online free resource providers for PTE Preparation. After registration, you can start a free test. There are numerous sets for you to practice.

Check out the site ThePTE for free speaking, writing, reading, and listening practice. The lessons are designed to help students in their preparation.

8. Benchmark Education Solutions -

Benchmark Education Solutions offers comprehensive packages for free. This helps to boost the confidence of students in all four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

Enrol in the free preparation resources by Benchmark and increase your score. Visit the site for more details Benchmark Edu.

9. PTEMockTest -

PTEMockTest provides free mock test preparation. Free Resources include Testimonials, PTE Tips and Tricks to avoid simpler mistakes. Their guidelines are valuable.

Click on next and next in the PTEMockTest site for the next questions and practice the best mock test for free. Answer carefully and avoid simple mistakes.

10. BoostPTE -

BoostPTE is one of the best sites to prepare for the PTE Test. This site contains the image description, summarizes written text, and multiple choice questions, and summarizes spoken tests for speaking, writing, reading, and writing respectively.

Visit the site BoostPTE and start practising. These courses are important for you to score higher.

PTE Preparation Mobile Apps

PTE preparation apps serve as convenient and flexible tools for individuals to learn PTE. Use the Apps and increase your score.

Below are the top 5 PTE Apps to accelerate your preparation..

1. PTE Tutorials - Exam Practice

PTE Tutorials offers a user-friendly interface with quality questions, vocabulary practice, and PTE updates.

2. PTE Academic Official Practice

PTE Academic Official Preparation App prioritizes the key practice activities you need to focus on.

3. LA PTE Exam Practice

LA PTE is a PTE practice app, designed to help in students wto crack PTE Exam with some AI support.

4. PTE Success - Exam Preparation

PTE Success Exam preparation is a practice and study APP for the PTE Academic Official Practice.

5. PTE Exam Practice - Mock Test

PTE test app provides a wide range of PTE Mock Tests that simulate real test conditions.

Top 5 YouTube Channels for PTE Preparation

1. E2PTEAcademic

E2PTEAcademic comprises 14 playlists for PTE preparation. The video includes comprehensive information from the PTF format to test the trick. E2PTEAcademic.


SkillsPTEACADEMIC contains 3 hours of course for PTE Preparation. Don’t skip the video and try to learn as much as you can. SkillsPTEACADEMIC.

3. Milestone Study

Milestone Study contains a separate playlist of PTE Test Preparation. The video presenter has comprehensively explained the format, tips and tricks for the PTE Test. MilestoneStudy.

4. Language Academy PTE

Language Academy PTE offers 2 two-hour PTE preparation videos. The video has covered the in-depth explanation and practice test, tips and strategies. You can also check out his other PTE Preparation Playlists. LanguageAcademyPTE.

5. Online World Support

Online World Support provide online PTE exam training. You can also access the PTE Exam 2022 and PTE Exam 2023. To watch Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the PTE test?

    PTE is a computer-based English proficiency exam evaluating listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills for non-native English speakers.

  2. How is the PTE test structured?

    PTE comprises Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening sections, lasting about 3 hours in total.

  3. How much does PTE preparation cost?

    PTE preparation costs vary, including study materials and test fees, typically ranging from 150to150 to 300 USD.

  4. How long does PTE preparation take?

    Preparation duration varies, with individuals needing a few weeks to months for focused study.

  5. When is the best time to start PTE preparation?

    Start PTE preparation well in advance, tailored to individual needs and goals.

  6. Can I prepare for PTE on my own?

    Many successfully prepare independently using free and paid resources, but some benefit from tutors or structured courses.

  7. Are there free resources for PTE preparation?

    Yes, PTE provides free resources, though some may opt for additional paid materials for comprehensive preparation.

  1. How to improve PTE speaking and writing skills?

    Regular practice, using PTE materials, participating in speaking sessions, and seeking writing feedback aids skill improvement.

  2. Best strategy for PTE speaking section?

    Develop strategies for each speaking task, practice pronunciation, and manage time effectively during the test.

  3. How to book the PTE test?

    Create an account on Pearson PTE's official website, select a test center and date, and complete the registration, including payment.


We hope, this blog somehow adds support to your preparation journey. These free resources will boost your confidence and release you from unnecessary tension.

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