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Premium F-1 Visa Interview Prep for Nepali Students

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Are you preparing for your F1 visa interview but feeling nervous about your answers? AfnoVisaGuide.com, your one-stop solution for U.S. student visa guidance, proudly introduces a specially curated service - the F1 Visa Interview Preparation Service. Our service is designed to fully equip you for the interview, enhancing your confidence and helping you make a strong impression.

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πŸ”₯ Limited Time Offer! Premium F1 Visa Interview Prep

Get our exclusive F1 Visa Interview preparation with discounted price. Available for Nepali Students only.πŸ‡³πŸ‡΅

Original Price πŸ’°

Rs 10,000

Discounted Price πŸŽ‰

Rs 7,500

Payment Details πŸ’³

Initial payment (before the interview) πŸ—“Rs 4,000
Remaining payment (after visa approval) πŸŽ‰Rs 3,500

Note: You do not pay the remaining Rs 3,500 if visa is denied.

*Offer valid until end of the July, 2024.*


1. Easy Registration:

Start your journey towards a successful visa interview by filling out a simple Google Form.


Pay 50% before the interview and 50% after visa approval.

If not approved, you do not pay the remaining 50%.

Your Satisfaction. Our Priority

2. Affordable & Fair Fee Structure:

Join us for a total fee of Nepali Rs 7,500, but initially, you only pay Rs 4000. Our success is directly linked to yours, which is why you'll only pay the remaining Rs 3500 after your visa gets approved. If for any reason your visa isn't approved, you won't need to pay us the remaining amount of Rs 3500. We believe so strongly in our service that we don't take full payment until you get your visa approved. So, let's partner up and secure your U.S. visa together!

Number of Sessions: 7 - 8 session with 40 minutes or more each

3. Dedicated Support:

Once selected and your initial fee is paid, we will communicate via Facebook or Instagram Messenger to address any queries about the Visa Interview, DS-160 form, SEVIS, or CGI Federal Account.

4. Personalized Review:

We'll share a Google Doc with you where you can write your prepared answers and university details for the F1 visa interview. Our experts will review your responses and provide valuable feedback.

5. Mock Interviews:

Practice makes perfect! Participate in 4-5 mock interviews with our experts. This will allow you to experience a simulated interview environment and receive immediate feedback.

6. Final Review:

Our team will provide last-minute guidance before your interview, ensuring you walk in fully prepared.

But that's not all. To offer you an unbeatable experience, we're constantly exploring new enhancements:

24/7 Support:

We're considering providing round-the-clock support to ensure none of your queries go unanswered.

Customized Study Materials:

We're looking at offering personalized materials tailored to your specific needs.

Extra Mock Interviews:

If you feel you need more practice, we're planning to offer additional mock interviews.

So, why wait? Make your dream of studying in the U.S a reality! Register for our F1 Visa Interview Preparation Service today and secure the future you deserve! With our unique service, your visa approval is just a few steps away!


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